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Echonomy in use

Echonomy is a unique ‘Digital Transaction and Interaction platform’ which allows user to connect, interact, communicate and make the transactions too. Echonomy is designed to work seamlessly on multiple digital end points. With Echonomy, we intend to empower digital service users to connect and transact with ease.

Our services

Echonomy is an innovative e-payment solution designed to cater to a broad spectrum of financial transactions.

Scheduled payments

Paying your dues for utility and financial services was never easier.

Receive an echo of a payment request form your service provider and make payment instantly.

Over the counter payments

Go shopping, smart and cashless.

Receive an echo of a payment request from
merchant on your mobile device and make payment right away.

Personal fund transfer

Effortless transactions.

Share the bill at a restaurant or send money in an
emergency. It’s easy with Echonomy!

Promotional payments

Keep yourself updated with latest offers.

Receive offers from your favourite brands and .
avail them instantly with Echonomy.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”

Albert Einstein

Product Highlights